Research & Links About Academic Libraries

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National Research & Links About Academic Libraries

National Center for Education Research. National Statistics on Academic Libraries. 2000. [pdf]
Statistical breakdowns by the NCES on 3,527 libraries in postsecondary degree granting institutions in the United States (all libraries on one campus count as one)

OCLC, Inc. How Academic Libraries Can Influence Students’ Web-Based Information Choices. 2002. [pdf]
A survey that looks at how students use the Web to do course assignments, which role libraries play in that process, and how libraries can improve the service to students.

OCLC, Inc. College Students' Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources
Another report from OCLC that examines the information-seeking habits and preferences of international college students.

Library Research Service and the Colorado Academic Library Consortium. The 2005 Colorado Academic Library Impact Study.
A study to gain a greater understanding of how academic libraries help students learn, and to assess how libraries assist instructors in their teaching and related activities in the state of Colorado.

Wisconsin’s public and private academic libraries

Wisconsin Tech Search - Wisconsin TechSearch (WTS) provides fast and reliable document delivery and research assistance services. We work with a highly diverse clientele from around the country, including law firms, biomedical researchers, private consultants, engineering firms, manufacturers, and corporate information centers.


A 2009 poll conducted for the American Library Association found that 96% respondents agreed that public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed because it provides free access to materials and resources.

ALA Office for Research & Statistics, ALA Public Information Office

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