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RMT, Inc.

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In 1977, a group of enthusiastic scientists began RMT in Madison. Librarian Mary Janeck says the RMT, Inc. Library has grown and contracted over the years along with the business, but the need for the library has never wavered.

“When I began, I was told proudly that the librarian was the third person hired back in 1977,” she says.

RMT, Inc. provides environmental engineering, health and safety, and construction consulting to industrial companies from its more than two-dozen locations in 14 states from coast to coast as well as the United Kingdom and France. The firm has library locations in Madison, Greenville, S.C. and Austin, Texas, although currently Janeck and the librarian in Greenville provide nearly all library services a staff of more than 500.

“I like to think of our current library as a single library that happens to be spread out across the company,” Janeck says of her partnership with Greenville and the many offices around the country. “The two libraries help each other with reference requests, coordinating collection development, promotion and outreach efforts, web maintenance and more.”

The RMT Library has 20,000 titles and 200 journal subscriptions spread among its library locations and branch offices. Although half of the collection is located in the Madison library, RMT, Inc. employees can access all titles through an online catalog in the company’s intranet. Janeck says the library’s ability to respond quickly to information requests is key in the competitive business world, and she works hard to ensure RMT, Inc. not only remains a profitable business, but also that it continues to make a difference in everyone’s lives.

“Every day is different; I never stop learning,” she says, “and I am pleased to be contributing to efforts to keep the environment clean.”

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