This award is conferred upon a librarian in recognition of outstanding leadership and accomplishment in library service. The librarian must be currently employed, at the time of selection, in any field of librarianship in Wisconsin and must be a current member of the Wisconsin Library Association. The award shall be based upon such activities or accomplishments as outlined in the nomination form. The Librarian of the Year winner receives $1,000 from DEMCO.

The award shall be based upon such activities or accomplishments as the following:

  • Community betterment through broadened scope and quality of service
  • Contribution to any area of services benefiting library users.
  • Distinguished service in the profession:
  • Outstanding participation in activities of professional library associations.
  • Notable publications and productions.
  • Leadership in education and in-service training for librarians.
  • Extension of library services through cooperation.
  • Improvement in library techniques or management.
  • Development of library facilities.
  • Contributions at regional, state and national levels.

Deadline: August 27, 2021


Nominations must be received by August 27.

A nomination must describe the achievements and indicate the time periods when the achievements were accomplished. In addition to the nomination form, at least three but no more than five letters supporting the nomination must be submitted. Please email the nomination form, statement of achievements and supporting letters as one PDF to [email protected].

For general information, questions about the nomination form, procedures or award category criteria, please contact the WLA Office at 608.245.3640 or [email protected].