Your legislator wants to hear from you! You can call your legislator's office to find out about the status of a bill and to convey your opinions. When the Legislature is in session, you may call senators and representatives at their office at the Capitol in Madison. 

Most legislators must be reached at home on Fridays and weekends when the legislature is in session. Some legislators do not mind telephone calls at their homes, but care should be taken to respect a legislator's right to privacy. Use this option ONLY if time is of the essence or if the legislator and his or her staff have been inaccessible.

Here are some recommendations for making phone calls to legislators:

  • Identify yourself by name, address and home town within the legislator's district.
  • Identify the bill or issue by name and number.
  • Briefly state your position on the bill or issue, and how you would like your legislator to vote.
  • Ask for your legislator's view on the bill or issue; be firm in obtaining a commitment to vote.
  • Show appreciation for his or her service or past votes. Be positive! Do not be abusive and do not threaten your legislator.
  • If the Legislature is in session, your representative or senator may be at his or her desk on the floor of the chamber. The legislator's secretary or aide may take a message for you in a phone call. When talking to a secretary or legislative aide: identify yourself by name, address, and hometown; identify the bill by name and number; and state how you would like your legislator to vote.
  • Remember to keep phone calls as brief and to-the-point as possible.
  • Respect the legislator's busy schedule and be as courteous as if you were visiting in person.