As library professionals and WLA members, you are part of a special family. Now, as a way to honor all members of the WLA family, we have created an online memorial page to remember those of our colleagues who have passed away. If you know a member of our community who has recently passed away, please contact [email protected] Please provide first name, last name, date of birth and death and name of library.

*Names are sorted alphabetically by last name

Leonard Archer (1913-2003)
Oshkosh Public Library, Winnefox Public Library System

Dorma Bartlett (1923-1993)
UW-Green Bay

Wayne Bassett (1915-1988)
Wausau Public Library, Wisconsin Valley Public Library Service

Jane Billings (1916-2004)
Clintonville Public Library, Clintonville Schools

John Boll (1921-2013)
UW-Madison iSchool

William Bunce (1936-2002)
UW-Madison Kohler Art Library

Marge Christensen (1917-2008)

Jean Cuje (-1992)
Marquette University

Jerry Daniels (1934-2009)

Sally Davis (1929-2000)
UW-Madison iSchool, Oconomowoc Schools

H. Vail Deale (1915-2004)
Beloit College 

Carol Lou Diehl (1929-2020)
School Districts of New London and Manawa

Maria Dittman (1931-2005)
Marquette University 

Edie Dixon (1951-2014)

Edie Dixon (1952-2014)

Sandy Dolnick (1936-2016)
Friends of Wisconsin Libraries

Lyle Eberhardt (1922-2010)
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Margaret Ernst (1944-2018)
Appleton Public Library

Valmai Fenster (1939-1984)
UW-Madison iSchool

Eileen Freen (1926-2015)
Marquette University

Muriel Fuller (1912-1978)
UW-Madison iSchool

Mary Gates (1926-2014)
Fort Atkinson Public Library 

Maureen Grant (1953- 2011)

Ramon Hernandez (1936-2014)
Wisconsin Rapids Public Library

Thomas Holberg (1944-2016)
Marquette University

Mary Horan (1947-2015)
Theda Clark Hospital Library 

William L. "Bill" Jambrek (1937- March 2020)
Kenosha Public Library

Shirley Johnson (1927-2009)
UW Extension

Miriam Kerndt (1928-2015)
UW-Madison Geography Library

John Koch (1947-2018)

Joan Korsmeyer (1937-2016)
UW-Milwaukee, Mount Mary 

Dorothea Krause (1909-2003)
Wausau Public Library

Dick Kunert (-2012)
Mead Public Library 

Jan Lang (1937-2011)
Reference & Loan 

Geri Laudati (1947-2006)
UW-Madison Mills Music Library

Charles Marx (August 28, 1945-May 31, 2020)
UW-La Crosse Library

Mary Malinkovich (-2017)
Milwaukee Public Library

Gene McClane (1928-2008)
Fond du Lac Public Library, Mid-Wisconsin Public Library System 

Margaret McGowan (1929-2017)
Wauwatosa Public 

Margaret Monroe (1914-2004)
UW-Madison iSchool

Nolan Neds (1921-2006)
Milwaukee Public Library

Irene Newman (-2005)
Wisconsin Department of Public Education 

Catherine Norris (1944-2012)
Janesville Public Library 

John Peters (1938-2014)
Wisconsin Historical Society

Joan Pierce (1929-2017) 

Virginia Potter (1932-1996)
Fond du Lac Public Library, Wisconsin Department of Public Education 

Walt Reandeau (1938-2009)
Sun Prairie Public Library

Jo Rocca (-1993)
Mead Public Library

Ruby Roeder (1913-2017)
Beaver Dam Public Library

Gloria Roge (-2020)
Grandview School

Bill Roselle (1936-2017)

Phil Sawin (1933-2018)

Bernie Schwab (1920-1990)
Madison Public Library

Peggy Shafer (1927-2011)
Lakeshores Public Library System

Leslyn Shires (1939-2015)
Wisconsin Department of Public Education, Fond du Lac Public Library, Wauwatosa Public Library 

Enid Simon (1935-2018)
UW-Madison Engineering

Gerald Somers (1921-2003)
Green Bay Public Library

Majorie Sornson Malmberg (1914-2004)
Appleton Public Library

Father Francis Steffen (1931-2020)
Master of Arts in library science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chairman of the Wisconsin Association of School Librarians

Ruth Steffen (1925-Dec. 2019)
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Rev. Phil Talmadge (1928-2010)
Marquette University

Gertrude Thurow (1906-1993 )
La Crosse Public Library, Winding Rivers Public Library Service

Mary Tipton (1944-2014)
Green Bay Public Library, WiLS, UW-Madison

Andrea VanGroll (1954-2016)

Gloria Waity (1933-2015)
"Free Lance Librarian" 

Mina Waldie (1930-2018)
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau

Lowell Wilson (1916-2015)
Trustee, Lakeshores Public Library System

Jeanne Witte (1952-2017)
UW-Madison Steenboch Library