Join Us

Membership in the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) offers many benefits. We encourage members to become involved with any one of our many units - membership participation is vital to the WLA and Wisconsin libraries. By your membership and involvement in WLA, you will be able to impact your library and your community. Not only will you receive the opportunities below, you will have an opportunity to volunteer on one or more of our active committees which impact the organization.


Benefits of Membership:


You are
  • connected to a profession, not just a job
  • immersed in learning best practices from a diverse group
  • at a nexus where issues, actions and ideas are shared


You become
  • part of a larger community that represents libraries of all types and sizes and library staff and supporters
  • a member of a strong network of people passionate about libraries
  • a contributor to the work of the association through volunteering and leadership


You have access to
  • annual spring and fall conferences, webinars and WLA member-led learning opportunities
  • mentorship opportunities
  • information exchange and alerts through newsletters, blogs and social media
  • opportunities to hone presentation skills and share expertise


You can
  • be a change agent on behalf of libraries in Wisconsin
  • hone your leadership skills on committees, boards, as unit leaders and on state-wide library projects
  • be part of formal leadership training at the annual Leadership Development Institute


You develop into
  • a knowledgeable advocate in your community
  • a strong advocate within your institution
  • a skilled political advocate for libraries with elected officials
  • a benefactor of the strong legislative agenda and efforts of WLA legislative efforts

Membership Levels

Personal (individual)

  • Individuals currently employed in a library pay dues calculated at $3.00 per $1,000 of wages. Minimum is $50.00; maximum is $250.00.
  • Unemployed or retired library workers, trustees or Friends: $50.00.
    To qualify for reduced WLA dues as a retired member, an individual must draw retirement income, not be actively employed and have been a WLA member for the previous three years.
  • Full-time students pursuing a Master's in library science (joint ALA/WLA membership): $38. 
  • Life member: $0

    To qualify for free lifetime WLA membership status, an individual must draw retirement income, not be actively employed and have been a WLA member for the previous 25 consecutive years. Life members of WLA shall receive full personal membership for life without payment of additional dues.


  • Corporations (for profit): $200
  • Non-profits (including Friends groups): $75
  • Libraries and library-related organizations pay based on budget:
                           Up to $49,499 $  63.00
  $50,000 to $99,999: $102.00
  $100,000 to $249,999: $152.00
  $250,000 to $499,999: $191.00
  $500,000 to $999,999: $224.00
  $1,000,000 and over:  $255.00