June 2022 | Thomas Maloney

We are proud to highlight our members who commit their time and resources to helping Wisconsin libraries and librarians thrive through their work with the Wisconsin Library Association. Each month, we will be sharing their stories and hope you will be inspired to learn more about our programs or get involved! 

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Thomas Maloney | June 2022

For which library, institution, or organization are you currently employed? If you are retired, what was your former organization?
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

How many year(s) have you been a member of Wisconsin Library Association?
12 years

What has been your favorite or most impactful function or event of WLA?
Honestly, it is the constant communication of like-minded professionals that I find to be most useful.  I pass on a lot of these messages and event notices to my colleagues in DOC and DHS institutions.

How has being a member of WLA impacted you or your career?
There is always something new to be learned.  When you are involved with WLA, over time your knowledge base expands, and you too, can share useful advice, tips and techniques with others, and advocate for needed changes.

Do you have a library role model (in Wisconsin or elsewhere) that has provided you with inspiration or guidance? Please share a little bit about it.
Miss Marshall, my middle school Librarian in Rochester, NY provided me with a whole new world of information and enjoyment to be experienced by being an avid reader.

Do you have any advice for new WLA members?
Participate as your time and resources permit.  Every moment you spend will be rewarding.