Life Memberships

Life membership is a special status given to WLA members who have been members for 25 years or more. Over 200 WLA members have achieved this important milestone, and we appreciate their ongoing support! 

New!  Retired Life Members pay annual dues of $25.00.  Life Members still in the workforce pay their regular dues until retirement. 

Life Member Benefits

Why become part of this special community of long-time WLA members?  Life members have access to all the member benefits given to personal members, including the right to vote in member elections and serve on committees.  Life members also have access to membership rates for conference registration and other events.  Starting in 2022, Life members will be recognized each year at the WLA Annual Conference through special ribbons on their name badges and during the Annual Membership meeting held during the conference.  

How Do I Become a Life Member?

Members must apply to be given Life Member status.  To apply, please submit the Application for Life Member Status form.  Life Members still in the workforce will be assessed their current dues.  Retired Life Members will pay dues of $25 per year.